Makiba Women Group, Tanzania

U4C has been working together with the Makiba Women Group, led by Sister Martha and her organization, the Peacemakers for Albinism and Communities (PAC) since 2016.

Women participants in this initiative are enjoying new income-generating opportunities following an extended period of drought. Most are single parents and some suffer from Albinism. Their work in the hot sun is limited because of their Albinism. They care for their own children, as well as the many orphans in the community. This places a heavy economic burden on them hence, a new source of income is needed. Accordingly, we are pleased this project allows for local manufacture of animal dolls and other items that are sold through U4C’s online fair trade store. The income generated provides the support needed to provide children with books, uniforms, and other expenses associated with their schooling, as well as food, medication, etc. It is our aim that this project will help these wonderful women in meeting basic needs while elevated self-satisfaction and respect within their community.

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